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Mike Lee Named Steering Committee Chairman

Senate Conservatives Fund President, Ken Cuccinelli, made the following statement about Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) becoming the new Chairman of the Senate Steering Committee.

Bad Deal for Taxpayers

Republicans in Washington will consider a "continuing resolution" (CR) this week to fund government operations after October 1st when the current fiscal year ends. It's a very bad deal for taxpayers.

Here Comes the Lame Duck

Several weeks ago, we warned you that congressional leaders were setting the stage for another "lame duck" session after the November elections.Now we have the proof.According to press reports, House and Senate Republicans plan to pass a short-term funding bill that expires the week of December 11-14.Rather than addressing these issues...

Mitch McConnell Flip-Flops on Defund Strategy

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently said that if Republicans win a Senate majority, he will attach conservative riders to must-pass spending bills to stop President Obama's agenda -- a 180-degree reversal from his position last year. If he serious, he can start by fighting in September to defund President Obama's executive amnesty.

Washington Loves Lame Ducks

In the coming weeks, congressional leaders in both parties will set the stage for another “lame duck” session after the November elections. Rather than addressing issues now or postponing them until the next Congress, they will cut a short-term deal that expires before the new year.

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