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GOP Scrambles to Save Pat Roberts

Since the NRSC cares more about re-electing moderate incumbents than they do about electing new conservatives, they will now encourage their allies to divert resources away from other races to help save Roberts in Kansas. According to a new report published by POLITICO, party leaders are working overtime to rescue their man in Kansas.

Senate Election Update

Here's a brief update on the four U.S. Senate candidates we're supporting. Their success will not only determine which party controls the Senate next year, it will also determine whether we have more principled conservatives in Washington who will stand up to the big spenders in both parties.

SCF Video Highlights Mary Landrieu's Residency Problem

Today, the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) released a new web video highlighting incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu's residency problems. Watch "Mansion Mary"

Tax Hike Hypocrisy

Mary Landrieu doesn't want to pay her own taxes, but she's perfectly happy to raise your taxes so she can fly on private airplanes.

Col. Rob Maness Surges in Louisiana Senate Race

Not only is Col. Rob Maness surging in the polls, he also polls better than Bill Cassidy in a head-to-head contest with Mary Landrieu.

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