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DeMINT: The Courage, Tenacity and Dedication of Tom Coburn

Jim DeMint: "Tom Coburn has been a friend and mentor to me and so many others and his leadership in Washington will be dearly missed. Our prayers will be with him and Carolyn as he continues to serve the cause of freedom from his home in Oklahoma."

Tim Scott to Replace DeMint

Tim Scott's appointment is a fitting end to Senator DeMint's time in the Senate. There's no more appropriate way to honor DeMint's legacy than by using his retirement to put another rising conservative star in the Senate.

SCF Applauds Jim DeMint for His Service

The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) applauded U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) for his outstanding service today following news that DeMint is departing the Senate to become the next president of The Heritage Foundation, the nation's largest and most respected conservative think tank.

Republican Endorses Obama

Just as the 2012 Republican National Convention was about to begin in Tampa, Charlie Crist -- the former Republican Governor of Florida -- endorsed President Barack Obama.

Politico: Chairman Jim DeMint?

If Republicans win the Senate, DeMint would grab the gavel of the powerful Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, giving him oversight over everything from highway funding, to NASA, to Internet regulation. It’s a position with the power to shape the national agenda over a wide swath of the economy, and DeMint emphatically says he’ll be just as uncompromising with a gavel in his hand as he has been in his seven years as a bomb-throwing backbencher.

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