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Ted Cruz Surging in Texas

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By U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, SCF Chairman

I have important news to report regarding the U.S. Senate race in Texas.

Ted Cruz is surging.

Ted Cruz has climbed 6 points to 18% in a new poll, putting him a solid second place in the 8-candidate field. Meanwhile, the frontrunner — Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst -- has dropped 5 points to 36%. Cruz has cut Dewhurst's lead from 29 points in September down to just 18 points today.

This is great news, but it's even better than it looks. If Dewhurst fails to get 50% of the vote in the April 3rd primary, he will be forced into a run-off with the second place finisher. And if Cruz makes it into the run-off, we believe he will win the two-man race.

In fact, according to this new poll, among voters who know Ted Cruz, Cruz leads Dewhurst 34% to 31%.

This news comes after Ted turned in a superb performance in the first televised debate last Thursday and after he crushed the field in the Saddle Up Texas straw poll on Saturday — winning nearly 50% of the vote.

Momentum is building, but we can't let up. Texas is a very large and expensive state and most voters still don't know Ted Cruz.

That is why the Senate Conservatives Fund is investing $500,000 in a new television commercial that will run from now until the end of the month.

The new television ad highlights Ted Cruz's conservative record and lets voters in the Lone Star State know there is an alternative to the Republican establishment.

SCF is making a significant investment in this race, but it's not nearly enough. If we're going send this strong conservative to the U.S. Senate, we need to invest at least another $500,000 in this race.

I know the media is focused on the presidential race, but we can't lose sight of our goal of building a conservative majority in the U.S. Senate. There are two things you can do to help.

  1. Contact people you know in Texas. Tell them you heard about an exciting candidate named Ted Cruz and ask them to visit our website to learn more.

  2. Second, make a contribution to the Senate Conservatives Fund to help us promote Ted Cruz and other leaders like him. If everyone who reads this email gives just $25, we will reach our $500,000 goal.

Also, if you want to donate directly to Ted Cruz's campaign, you can do so through our website. Ted Cruz gets 100% of your contribution and SCF pays for the processing and handling.

The 2012 elections could be our last chance to save this country. We must defeat President Obama and elect true conservatives to the U.S. Senate.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We'll keep fighting.
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