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Three Obama-McConnell Deals

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U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is very proud of the three deals he's negotiated with President Obama.
"There have been three major deals between Republicans in Congress and President Barack Obama," he told about 130 people after a lunch of chicken cordon bleu. "I have negotiated all three."

Unfortunately, these deals have been bad for American taxpayers.

Deal #1 — Debt Limit Increase

Senator McConnell worked with President Obama to increase the debt limit by $2.4 trillion. Americans were promised all kinds of spending cuts and debt reduction commissions, but spending and debt still went up. [Vote #123, 8/2/11, McConnell "Aye"]

Deal #2 — Fiscal Cliff Tax Increase

Senator McConnell worked with President Obama to enact a fiscal cliff deal that lead to higher taxes on nearly 80% of American households. It raised income taxes, death taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes, and payroll taxes — an increase of more than $600 billion. [Vote #251, 1/1/13, McConnell "Aye"]

Deal #2 — Obamacare Funding

Senator McConnell worked with President Obama to fund government operations, including Obamacare, for FY2013. An attempt was made to strip out Obamacare funding, but it was defeated. McConnell voted to pass the spending bill despite the fact that it included funding for Obamacare. [Vote #44, 03/20/13, McConnell "Aye"]

The big question conservatives are asking now is if Senator McConnell will help President Obama enact a fourth deal that grants amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants.

SCF is urging Senator McConnell to use his power as the Republican Leader to defeat this bill. A simple "No" vote is not enough from a leader. We need him to deliver results by defeating the bill.

Sign the petition at and call his office today.
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