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SCF TV Ad Urges Mitch McConnell to Defund Obamacare

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Alexandria, VA — The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) announced a new TV ad Thursday urging Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to join the fight to defund Obamacare before it starts on October 1st. The TV ad will run on network and cable TV stations across Kentucky from September 6 to September 17. The cost of the media buy is $340,000.

SCF Executive Director, Matt Hoskins, made the following statement:

"Mitch McConnell is the key to stopping Obamacare. Republicans in the Senate have the power to defeat funding for Obamacare, but they won't use it if their leader tells them to surrender. This is a big test for Mitch McConnell. He wants Kentucky voters to re-elect him because he's the Republican Leader, but what good is that title if he won't use it to help Kentucky families? If there was ever a time when Kentucky needed Mitch McConnell to deliver, it is now. We hope he listens to the voters and finds the courage to lead."

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Obamacare starts in October but Congress can stop its funding.

What’s Mitch McConnell doing?


McConnell’s the Senate Republican Leader, but he refuses to lead on defunding Obamacare.

What good is a leader like that?

It’s nice that McConnell voted against Obamacare, but we need real leadership to stop it now.

Tell Mitch McConnell to join the fight to stop Obamacare, before it’s too late.

Senate Conservatives Fund is responsible for the content of this message.

The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) is an independent, grassroots organization that advocates for conservative policies in Washington and helps elect true conservative leaders to the United States Senate.

SCF has not endorsed a candidate in the 2014 Republican primary election for U.S. Senate in Kentucky.

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