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SCF Endorses Ben Sasse in Nebraska

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ALEXANDRIA, VA — Today, the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) endorsed Ben Sasse (R-NE) for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska. Ben Sasse is running in a multi-candidate primary to fill the open U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE). SCF Executive Director Matt Hoskins made the following statement:

"Ben Sasse is a strong conservative with a proven record of solving difficult problems. He's an expert on health care policy and will help repeal Obamacare and enact free-market health care policies that lower costs and increase quality. There are other good candidates in this race, but Ben Sasse stands above the rest. He's smart, principled, and he's not afraid to tackle tough issues. Ben Sasse will make Nebraska proud and we look forward to working with the grassroots to help him get his message out."


  • Ben Sasse (R-NE)Ben Sasse is the┬ápresident of Midland University, a 130-year-old college in Fremont, Nebraska.

  • Sasse began his business career with the Boston Consulting Group, and subsequently joined McKinsey and Company, advising leaders in times of crisis.

  • Sasse also served as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he fought against unsustainable entitlement spending.

  • Ben Sasse (R-NE) and FamilySasse is one of the nation's leading critics of Obamacare. He speaks, writes, and appears regularly on television to advocate for the full repeal of the failed 2,300-page law and for the enactment of free-market policies that will lower health care costs and increase quality.

  • Ben Sasse and his wife, Melissa, have been married for 18 years and have three children (ages 2-12).Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) is a grassroots organization that helps elect principled leaders to the United States Senate. SCF has 1,500 donating members in Nebraska and helped raise $300,000 for U.S. Senator Deb Fischer's winning campaign in 2012.###

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