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Mitch McConnell Should Admit Recommending Liberal Judge John Heyburn Was A Mistake

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McConnell's Liberal Judge Forced Kentucky to Recognize Gay Marriages

ALEXANDRIA, VA — The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) released a new, 60-second radio ad today calling on U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to admit his mistake in recommending U.S. District Court Judge John G. Heyburn II, the liberal judge who issued an order last week requiring Kentucky to immediately recognize gay marriages performed outside the state.

"Senator McConnell should admit that recommending Judge Heyburn was a mistake that hurt Kentucky," said SCF Executive Director Matt Hoskins."McConnell knew Judge Heyburn was not a conservative, but he promoted him anyway. Now Judge Heyburn is forcing his liberal views on Kentucky."

President George H. W. Bush nominated Judge G. Heyburn II in 1992 on Senator McConnell's recommendation. McConnell testified on behalf of Heyburn and called him an "excellent judicial appointment."

However, Senator McConnell knew Heyburn was not a conservative. During his confirmation, McConnell called Heyburn a "progressive Republican."

Senator McConnell recommended Heyburn because he was a friend and political supporter, not because he was committed to protecting the Constitution. Prior to his nomination, Heyburn worked as McConnell's general counsel and served as a county chairman for McConnell's campaign. Heyburn also donated to McConnell's campaign and helped stopped the rise of a potential Democratic challenger to McConnell.

Last week's gay marriage decision is not the first time Judge Heyburn has trampled on the Constitution in order to impose his views on Kentucky. In 1998, Heyburn overturned the state’s law banning partial-birth abortion.

Republican voters in Kentucky strongly disagree with Judge Heyburn and Senator McConnell should admit that recommending him was a mistake.

SCF's radio ad will run statewide for one week beginning Tuesday, March 4, 2014. The total cost of media buy is $29,130.

"Mistake" | Radio :60 | Listen

Local News Broadcast: It is a ruling that has people talking across the commonwealth tonight. A federal judge has ...

Woman: Unbelievable! Liberal Judge John Heyburn just ruled that Kentucky has to immediately recognize same sex marriages from other states.

Man: Is that the same judge who overturned the ban on partial birth abortions?

Woman: Yep.

Man: Who recommended this liberal judge?

Woman: Mitch McConnell.

Man: Really?

Woman: Uh-huh. Mitch McConnell called Heyburn an "excellent judicial appointment" and praised him for being “progressive.”

Man: “Progressive” means liberal. Now, why would McConnell recommend a liberal?

Woman: Political cronyism. Heyburn donated money to McConnell and served as a county chairman for his campaign.

Man: McConnell should admit right now that recommending Judge Heyburn was a mistake. He knew this judge wasn’t a conservative and promoted him anyway. Now we’re stuck with gay marriage.

Woman: Yeah. First it was funding Obamacare, then it was giving Obama a blank check to raise the debt ceiling, now it’s liberal judges. I’m voting for conservative Matt Bevin instead.

Man: Me too.

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