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SCF Releases New TV Ad In Nebraska

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ALEXANDRIA, VA — The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) released a new, 30-second television ad on Friday urging Nebraska Republicans to support Midland University president Ben Sasse in the Republican primary election for U.S. Senate. The TV ad will run on broadcast and cable television networks across the state for two weeks beginning Saturday, March 29. The cost of the media buy is $280,000.

SCF endorsed Ben Sasse on October 22, 2013 and has invested $750,000 in his campaign through direct fundraising and independent expenditures.

Donate to Ben Sasse's Senate Campaign Here

TV:30 | "Rock Solid"

Rock solid.

That's what they're calling conservative Ben Sasse.

Sasse inspires Nebraskans who believe in American greatness.

It's why so many leading conservatives support his campaign.

Sasse will fight to repeal Obamacare,

Stop wasteful spending,

Defend our values.

Sasse will stand up to the career politicians because he's not one of them.

Ben Sasse.

The rock solid conservative choice for U.S. Senate.

Senate Conservatives Fund is responsible for the content of this message.

Senate Conservatives Fund is a grassroots organization that helps elect conservative leaders to the United States Senate. SCF often backs underdog candidates who are overlooked and even opposed by the Washington establishment. SCF has supported rising Republican stars such as Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Marco Rubio (R-FL).

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