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Need Input on Wisconsin Senate Race

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Posted By: U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, SCF Chairman

A major development has occurred in the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin and I want to know how you think the Senate Conservatives Fund should respond. Please take a moment to read this update and then take our short 2012 Wisconsin Senate Election Survey.

Mark Neumann -- a businessman, former congressman, and longtime conservative champion — formally announced Monday that he will seek the Republican nomination in the Badger State. Neumann said, "I'm running for Senate because our $14.6 trillion debt is destroying our country. This debt not only hurts our economy, but threatens to end the American Dream."

Mark Neumann is a full-spectrum conservative who believes deeply in the principles of freedom. When he was in Congress in the mid-90's, Neumann fought against wasteful Washington spending and accumulated a 96% lifetime conservative voting record. He also had the courage to stand up to the leaders in his own party when they were wrong. If Mark Neumann is elected, there is no question that he will fight to save freedom.

I could go on and on about Mark Neumann's conservative credentials, but you get the picture. He's the real deal. So here's my question: Do you think SCF should endorse Mark Neumann and add him to our slate of conservative candidates for the 2012 elections? It may seem early in the race to ask this question, but there are two important factors that argue for early action.

  • First, there won't be a primary run-off election so conservatives need to unite behind a single candidate. Otherwise, the conservative vote could be divided among two or three candidates, allowing a more liberal candidate to win a plurality.

  • Second, media reports indicate that a Democrat-lite Republican could challenge Neumann for the nomination. This challenger is well-known statewide and has major fundraising connections, but he also backed ObamaCare and will not stand up for our values when it matters.

I'm seeking your input today because I believe the Senate race in Wisconsin presents freedom-loving Americans with a tremendous opportunity. People in Wisconsin are fed up with big-spending policies, and they're ready to elect conservative leaders.

If SCF were to help Mark Neumann win the GOP nomination, there's a good chance he will defeat the Democrat nominee next November. In fact, a recent poll showed Neumann leading every potential Democrat challenger in the general election.

Please take a moment to complete our 2012 Wisconsin Senate Election Survey. I value your input and support.
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