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The U.S. Senate holds hundreds of roll call votes each year. Identifying the most important votes can be difficult. Our list of key votes allows you to zero in on the critical votes to quickly see which senators are upholding conservative principles and which ones are not. We've also provided contact information for each senator so you can easily communicate your views on their voting record.

114th Congress
DateDescriptionConservative VoteVote Result
Feb 27, 2015Fully Fund Obama’s Executive AmnestyNayPassed
113th Congress
DateDescriptionConservative VoteVote Result
Dec 14, 2014Spending Bill with Amnesty FundingNayPassed
Jul 29, 2014Transportation ReformYeaFailed
Feb 12, 2014Cloture on Clean Debt Limit HikeNayPassed
Feb 04, 2014Food Stamp Farm BillNayPassed
Sep 27, 2013Cloture on Funding ObamacareNayPassed
Jun 27, 2013Instant AmnestyNayPassed
Apr 11, 2013Gun Control BillNayPassed
Mar 20, 2013Spending Bill with Obamacare FundingNayPassed
112th Congress
DateDescriptionConservative VoteVote Result
Jan 01, 2013Fiscal Cliff Tax HikeNayPassed
Jun 21, 2012Farm BillNayPassed
May 15, 2012Ex-Im Bank Corporate WelfareNayPassed
Mar 13, 2012Highway ReformYeaFailed
Feb 02, 2012Ban EarmarksYeaFailed
Feb 02, 2012Term LimitsYeaFailed
Dec 17, 2011Omnibus Spending BillNayPassed
Nov 10, 2011Consider Minibus Spending BillNayPassed
Nov 01, 2011$1 Billion Spending CutYeaFailed
Oct 21, 2011Raise Subsidized Home Loan LimitNayPassed
Sep 08, 2011Disapproving Debt Limit IncreaseYeaFailed
Aug 02, 2011Debt Limit IncreaseNayPassed
Jul 22, 2011Block Cut-Cap-BalanceNayPassed
Apr 14, 2011Defund Planned ParenthoodYeaFailed
Apr 14, 2011FY2011 Spending CompromiseNayPassed
Feb 02, 2011Repeal ObamacareYeaFailed
Jan 27, 2011Secret AmendmentsNayPassed
111th Congress
DateDescriptionConservative VoteVote Result
Nov 30, 2010Earmark MoratoriumYeaFailed
Dec 24, 2009ObamaCareNayPassed
Aug 06, 2009Cash for ClunkersNayPassed
Aug 06, 2009Justice Sonia SotomayorNayPassed
Feb 13, 2009$787 Billion Obama StimulusNayPassed
Jan 30, 2009SCHIPNayPassed
Jan 22, 2009Compulsory UnionismNayPassed
110th Congress
DateDescriptionConservative VoteVote Result
Dec 12, 2008Auto BailoutNayFailed
Oct 02, 2008Wall Street BailoutNayPassed
Jul 26, 2008Fannie-Freddie BailoutNayPassed
Mar 14, 2008Keep Gas Prices LowYeaFailed
Mar 14, 20081-Year Earmark MoratoriumYeaFailed
Oct 31, 2007SCHIP ExpansionNayPassed
Jun 28, 2007Amnesty for Illegal ImmigrantsNayFailed
Jun 26, 2007Card Check Union OrganizingNayFailed
Apr 11, 2007Stem Cell ResearchNayPassed
Mar 23, 2007Permanent Death Tax RepealYeaFailed
109th Congress
DateDescriptionConservative VoteVote Result
Jun 07, 2006Federal Marriage AmendmentYeaFailed
Oct 20, 2005Defund Bridge to NowhereYeaFailed
108th Congress
DateDescriptionConservative VoteVote Result
Nov 25, 2003Medicare Part DNayPassed
Oct 30, 2003Cap and TradeNayFailed
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