Defend the 2nd Amendment

The Republican Senators highlighted on the right have pledged to prevent Harry Reid's gun control bill from coming to the Senate floor.

Please call the remaining Senators and urge them to stand with Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Marco Rubio (R-FL) in fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights.

GOP Senators Who Support Gun Control

The following Republican Senators have said they will give Harry Reid their votes to allow him to bring his gun control bill to the Senate floor.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
John McCain (R-AZ)
Johnny Isakson (R-GA)
Dean Heller (R-NV)

You can also help us defeat the gun control bill by calling 1-800-605-1755 to sign our petition in support of the 2nd Amendment.

AKSullivan, DanR202-224-3004
AKMurkowski, LisaR202-224-6665Email
ALSessions, JeffersonR202-224-4124Email
ALShelby, RichardR202-224-5744Email
ARCotton, TomR202-224-2353
ARBoozman, JohnR202-224-4843Email
AZFlake, JeffR202-224-4521Email
AZMcCain, JohnR202-224-2235Email
COGardner, CoryR202-224-5941
FLRubio, MarcoR202-224-3041Email
GAIsakson, JohnR202-224-3643Email
GAPerdue, DavidR202-224-3521
IAGrassley, CharlesR202-224-3744Email
IAErnst, JoniR202-224-3254
IDCrapo, MichaelR202-224-6142Email
IDRisch, JamesR202-224-2752Email
ILKirk, MarkR202-224-2854Email
INCoats, DanielR202-224-5623Email
KSMoran, JerryR202-224-6521Email
KSRoberts, PatR202-224-4774Email
KYMcConnell, MitchR202-224-2541Email
KYPaul, RandR202-224-4343Email
LACassidy, BillR202-224-5824
LAVitter, DavidR202-224-4623Email
MECollins, SusanR202-224-2523Email
MOBlunt, RoyR202-224-5721Email
MSWicker, RogerR202-224-6253Email
MSCochran, ThadR202-224-5054Email
MTDaines, SteveR202-224-2651
NCBurr, RichardR202-224-3154Email
NCTillis, ThomR202-224-6342
NDHoeven, JohnR202-224-2551Email
NESasse, BenjaminR202-224-4224
NEFischer, DebR202-224-6551Email
NHAyotte, KellyR202-224-3324Email
NVHeller, DeanR202-224-6244Email
OHPortman, RobertR202-224-3353Email
OKInhofe, JamesR202-224-4721Email
OKLankford, JamesR202-224-5754
PAToomey, PatrickR202-224-4254Email
SCScott, TimR202-224-6121Email
SCGraham, LindseyR202-224-5972Email
SDRounds, MikeR202-224-5842
SDThune, JohnR202-224-2321Email
TNCorker, BobR202-224-3344Email
TNAlexander, LamarR202-224-4944Email
TXCruz, TedR202-224-5922Email
TXCornyn, JohnR202-224-2934Email
UTLee, MikeR202-224-5444Email
UTHatch, OrrinR202-224-5251Email
WIJohnson, RonR202-224-5323Email
WVCapito, ShelleyR202-224-6472
WYEnzi, MichaelR202-224-3424Email
WYBarrasso, JohnR202-224-6441Email
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