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Election Update: MATT ROSENDALE

MATT ROSENDALE – Montana Polling Average: Tester 5.5% State Auditor Matt Rosendale is taking the fight to liberal Senator Jon Tester, highlighting his votes against the president’s agenda. While Tester tries to portray himself as a moderate, Rosendale is hammering him for his votes against the president’s tax cuts and his opposition to the president’s efforts … Continue reading Election Update: MATT ROSENDALE

Election Update: TED CRUZ

TED CRUZ – Texas Polling Average: Cruz +6.5 Senator Ted Cruz continues to keep his promises and fight for less government and more freedom. He’s one of the leaders in the Senate when it comes to confirming good judges and he has vocally stood up for strong immigration enforcement at a time when many liberals want to … Continue reading Election Update: TED CRUZ

Election Update: JOHN JAMES

JOHN JAMES – Michigan Polling Average: Stabenow +18.0 This race hasn’t been polled for a month and now that combat veteran and businessman John James has won the Republican nomination and his name awareness is growing, the gap will close. Liberal Senator Debbie Stabenow is a 43-year career politician who is out of touch with the … Continue reading Election Update: JOHN JAMES

Election Update: JOSH HAWLEY

JOSH HAWLEY – MISSOURI Polling Average: Hawley +0.2 State Attorney General Josh Hawley won the Republican nomination this month and is now locked in a competitive race against liberal Senator Claire McCaskill. Last month, Hawley trailed McCaskill in the average of public polls, but now he has a slight lead. Hawley is a strong candidate who … Continue reading Election Update: JOSH HAWLEY


MARSHA BLACKBURN – Tennessee Polling Average: Bredesen +1.6 Former Governor Phil Bredesen, Senator Chuck Schumer’s hand-picked candidate, got upset when Vice President Mike Pence accurately called him a “liberal.” What he’s really upset about is his falling poll numbers. The race continues to tighten as U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn rises in the polls. The truth is … Continue reading Election Update: MARSHA BLACKBURN

Election Update: MIKE BRAUN

MIKE BRAUN – Indiana Polling Average: Braun +1.0 Businessman Mike Braun released a new TV ad contrasting his record of creating hundreds of good-paying American jobs with that of liberal Senator Joe Donnelly who has profited from outsourcing jobs to Mexico. Donnelly’s dismal record on immigration and his support for politicians who want to abolish ICE … Continue reading Election Update: MIKE BRAUN


PATRICK MORRISEY – West Virginia Polling Average: Manchin +7.0 State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is getting a boost from President Trump who will be in Charleston, WV to campaign with him on August 21st. While liberal Senator Joe Manchin tries to trick voters into thinking that he’s pro-Trump, his record tells a different story. Manchin supported Hillary … Continue reading Election Update: PATRICK MORRISEY

Kevin Nicholson for U.S. Senate

There’s another conservative outsider running for the U.S. Senate who needs your help right now. Please support Kevin Nicholson (R-WI), a Marine combat veteran and businessman who is running for the Senate in Wisconsin. Click here to donate directly to his campaign. We’re endorsing Kevin Nicholson today because we believe he’s the strongest Republican candidate … Continue reading Kevin Nicholson for U.S. Senate