West Virginia Survey Results

Monday, May 31, 2021

Senate Conservatives Action conducted a poll of likely voters in West Virginia and the results are very problematic for liberal Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Here are the highlights:

  • Election integrity is TIED with jobs/economy for “most important issue” to WV voters
  • WV voters support election integrity and oppose the Democrat/Manchin plan
  • WV voters have an unfavorable opinion of Manchin
  • WV Sec. of State Mac Warner leads Manchin by +4 points
  • Warner’s lead grows to +15 after voters learn about Machin’s position on election reform

According to the analysis prepared by the Cygnal polling firm, Senator Joe Manchin’s actions on election reform could greatly reduce his re-election chances:

[The vast majority of West Virginia voters say “the U.S. Constitution gives the states the authority to regulate elections and it is wrong for the federal government to seize this power over every state’s voting laws, no matter the reason” (59%) and support voter ID and other election integrity measures (70% support).]

You can see the top-line results here and the polling memo here.

We’ve been watching Senator Machin for years and we’ve funded multiple challengers against him in past elections. One thing we know is that he has a record of supporting liberal policies in the first several years of his terms and then pivots hard to the right in the final year to trick voters into believing he’s a moderate.

We’re not going to sit back and allow that to happen. We’re committed to informing voters in West Virginia about Joe Manchin’s record so they aren’t fooled before his next election.

Our latest survey shows just how vulnerable he is and that we need to ramp up our efforts to hold him accountable.

Please help us keep up the pressure so Joe Manchin can’t vote liberal today and then talk conservative tomorrow.

We can’t allow him to promise to fight against any federal takeover of our elections, but then vote to give that power to DC bureaucrats, which is exactly what he plans to do.

We will make sure that West Virginia voters know how Manchin is actually voting on these all-important election bills being pushed by Nancy Pelosi and her leftist crowd.

Please help us hold him accountable by making an urgent contribution today!

Thank you for considering this request. Together, we will build a conservative Senate and secure America’s future.