Debate Coming on the Equality Act

Monday, June 21, 2021

The most radical anti-family, anti-religion, anti-women legislation of our lifetime is about to come before the United States Senate, and we need your help to fight it.

Democrats call their bill the “Equality Act,” but its purpose is to end equal rights, opportunities, and protections for American women. It is an assault against women’s rights – and parental rights, children’s rights, and religious freedom.

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Liberal elites in both parties are fine with this bill. So the only way to stop it is for everyday Americans to stand up and make their voices heard, right now.

If you already know about the Equality Act, please use our free advocacy platform to send an instant message to your senators.

If not, here are the bill’s rancid goals:

❌ Criminalizing the recognition of biological differences between men and women;
❌ Forcing girls’ and women’s sports teams to allow biological males to play, and compete for roster slots, awards, and scholarships;
❌ Criminalizing female-only spaces like girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and even battered women’s shelters;
❌ Forcing doctors to provide sex-change procedures to minors suffering from gender dysphoria;
❌ Forcing religious schools and institutions to violate their consciences, and establishing woke identity politics as America’s One True Faith;
❌ Smearing objections to abortion as “pregnancy” discrimination.

These are no exaggerations. The toxic gender identity behind the Equality Act is already hurting girls and women in states that have embraced it:

▶︎ In Connecticut, transgender athletes have dominated women’s track and field for two years now, cheating biological girls out of the success and opportunities they earned.
▶︎ In Virginia, a schoolteacher was fired for not using a student’s preferred pronouns.
▶︎ In Wisconsin, public school employees were barred from telling parents if their child decided to change their gender, and were even encouraged to lie about it!

Woke corporations love this bill because it will incentivize more women to get abortions. Leftist special interest groups love it because their true goal is silencing dissent and turning everyone who disagrees with them into second-class citizens.

The Equality Act will destroy decades of hard-won rights and protections for American girls and women. It will leave them vulnerable to violence, cost them educational and economic opportunities, and drive a wedge between men and women, boys and girls, and children and their parents.

The Equality Act is a threat to the health, safety, and dignity of every woman and girl in America. We can’t ignore this threat. Every freedom-loving American needs to take two minutes to contact their senators.

Please urge your Senators to oppose the Equality Act NOW!

The bill has passed Nancy Pelosi’s House, and President Biden has promised to sign it into law, leaving the Senate as the last hurdle.

If you care about women and parents, religious freedom, and free speech, please join this fight today! We must do everything we can to speak out against the Equality Act now.

Please send a message to your senators.

Thank you for considering this urgent request. Together, we can stop the Left’s political violence against women and protect the values of freedom, equality, and justice that all Americans depend on.