DOJ vs. Parents

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Like most parents, I’m done with politicians and bureaucrats smuggling anti-American propaganda into our kids’ classrooms.

The un-scientific school closures and mask mandates were bad enough. But now, teachers’ unions, school boards, and educrats are poisoning our children with Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, Critical Gender Theory, and every other phony lie they can sneak into a lesson plan.

That’s why every SCF Senate candidate is opposed to Critical Race Theory in our classrooms!

Parents have had enough. As you have seen across the country, moms and dads are fighting back at school board meetings. Americans are finally holding the CRT bagmen on the school boards accountable for their lies and corruption. The tide is turning. Citizens want their rights and our country back!

But now, the Swamp is striking back.

Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the FBI to crack down on concerned parents! Leftist activists want parents classified as “domestic terrorists” simply because these parents don’t want their kids’ schools to become woke re-education camps.

This is why we need true conservative fighters in the Senate who will stop this tyranny!

Garland ordered the FBI to investigate mothers and fathers concerned about their school boards lying to them, but it gets worse. Now we know that the Attorney General’s son-in-law runs a pro-Critical Race Theory organization bankrolled by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg.

 Are you ready to fight yet?

Washington Democrats believe the government exists to protect elites from you. We think government exists to protect you from them.

The Senate is split 50/50. Nominees like Merrick Garland only get through because Establishment Republicans still won’t fight.

We need more fighters in the Senate – real conservatives who understand the stakes.

That means we need you – your votes, your ideas, your time, and your contributions. If the Left can brainwash our children, our country is finished.

We have to fight back today. In the Senate. At school board meetings. Everywhere!

Thank you for helping us stand up to the DOJ’s attack on parents and for doing so much to help fight for our country’s future.