Another Inflation Bomb

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Senate Democrats recently announced new legislation to raise taxes and dump hundreds of billions of more borrowed dollars onto our economy. This new spending spree will drown our economy while it’s already failing and plunge us further into an inflation crisis, waterlogging working families’ budgets.

Joe Biden’s economy is already crashing toward a recession. Gas and grocery prices are through the roof. And his administration is overseeing a border crisis, crime wave, and breakdown of our culture.

Democrats know tax increases, green energy boondoggles, and more debt will only increase Americans’ pain. But that’s the point! They want to make your life harder.

They want you to pay more at the pump and the check-out counter. They are trying to kill energy jobs and increase welfare rolls. They only care about power – over our culture, economy, and you.

The 50-50 Senate today is ONE CONSERVATIVE VOTE away from ending this nonsense.

Help stop Biden’s inflation. Support our conservative Senate candidates now!

You can donate to multiple candidates with one transaction, and SCF will transfer 100% of your contributions to their campaigns.

To woke elites, the economy is a video game: something they play with but walk away from when it goes badly. They fly off to fundraisers in New York and San Francisco; they hang out at their beach houses; they travel the world on taxpayer-financed vacations.

The rest of us are stuck with their failures. 

But not for long! This is America. We don’t work for Washington. Washington works for us!

The Senate doesn’t have to be the miserable failure Chuck Schumer has made it. In 2022, conservatives have a historic opportunity to change Congress’s upper chamber for the better.

Ted Budd. Adam Laxalt. Herschel Walker. Eric Schmitt. Adding these four patriots to the Senate – and returning longstanding conservative leaders Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul will not just give Republicans a Senate majority.

It will give the American people a conservative Senate majority!

That’s what the fight is today. Not liberals vs. conservatives or Republicans vs. Democrats. But between the anti-American elite and our pro-American nation.

Support America! Support our conservative candidates today!

Conservatives must fight to stop the Democrats’ new inflation bomb. But even if we fail, we must make this the last mistake the Democrats’ woke majority makes before we take back the Senate in November.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help us build a conservative Senate.