Your Efforts

As we spend time with our families this Thanksgiving and reflect on the many things we are grateful for, I wanted to thank you for being part of the Senate Conservatives team and for doing so much to fight for freedom.

It’s because of your unwavering support for limited government, economic freedom, a strong defense, and traditional values that we now have a chance to enact the conservative policies that will truly make America great again.

Republicans won the White House and the House and Senate this year because conservatives like you got involved and made your voice heard.

Working through Senate Conservatives, you have helped to expose the DC establishment’s lies and failed policies. This is precisely why this past election was such a rebuke of Washington.

Turning this anti-establishment victory into a true conservative victory won’t be easy. We saw this first-hand when House Republicans came dangerously close to bringing back earmarks just days after Americans voted to drain the swamp.

But we now have a real chance to bring about the reforms that will secure America’s future, and we have you to thank for this opportunity.

Your willingness to stand up for conservative principles — even after losing many policy fights and important elections  — is the reason why we have this historic opportunity.

Americans would never have voted against the establishment this year if you had not taken such a bold and determined stand against it.

On behalf of the Senate Conservatives team, we want to thank you for never giving up and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.