Republicans Should Reject Obama’s Proposed Export-Import Bank Rule Change

Alexandria, VA — Senate Conservatives Action President, Ken Cuccinelli, released the following statement regarding the possible rule change to the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank proposed by President Obama:

“When he first ran for President, then-Senator Obama identified just one single government program that he thought should be shut down, namely the Ex-Im Bank. The worst of the worst crony capitalism according to then-Senator Obama. Now, as he heads out the door, President Obama is promoting the worst of the worst, the same Ex-Im Bank. It would be a sad day indeed if Republicans failed to drain one of the few parts of Washington that even President Obama once knew was a swamp.”

“The Ex-Im Bank is a crony-capitalist welfare program that puts special interests ahead of American taxpayers. Americans voted to stop business as usual in Washington this election and helping the Ex-Im Bank would only show that Republicans aren’t listening. Any attempt to pass this misguided proposal during the lame duck session should be strongly opposed. Republicans in Congress should stop cooperating with Obama’s own hypocrisy and begin working to permanently end the Ex-Im Bank in January.”

Senate Conservatives Action is a grassroots organization that promotes conservative principles and holds lawmakers accountable.