Judicial Activism

Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the freeze put on President Trump’s executive order temporarily halting the admission of refugees from several terrorist hotspots.

The decision has virtually no basis in law and is a clear example of judicial activism. When we get to the merits, I believe the President is going to win overwhelmingly on this.

The federal court ignored the authority given to the president by Congress to suspend the entry of aliens. There is no statutory or constitutional right for these aliens to be admitted into the country.

No matter how much liberals want it to be true, people in Somalia do not have due process protection under the Constitution!!

But sadly, the facts don’t seem to matter when our courts are filled with liberal activists who put their personal political views above the law.

Yesterday’s decision is another reminder of why it is so important for the Senate to confirm good judges who follow the law.

You can help by supporting President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

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