Ted Cruz Endorses Josh Mandel

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined conservative leaders in Ohio and across the country in supporting Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate.

In a statement released yesterday, Senator Cruz called Josh a“principled conservative with a track record of fighting for jobs, freedom, and security for Ohioans and all Americans.”

He is absolutely right and we hope you will join Senator Cruz by donating to Josh Mandel’s campaign right now.

“Josh has never been afraid to stand up and fight for those values, leading the charge in Ohio to stop sanctuary cities, crack down on illegal immigration, and put an end to Common Core,” said Senator Cruz. “I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with him in the Senate and encourage all Republicans to do the same.”

Will you join Senator Cruz in supporting Josh Mandel today?

In 2018, Josh Mandel will be 40 years old and Sherrod Brown will be 40 years in politics. Sherrod Brown has been running for office since Richard Nixon was President and has been in Washington for over two decades. He’s become one of the biggest alligators in the swamp.

Sherrod Brown has voted with Elizabeth Warren 97% of the time, supporting policies that have driven our country nearly $20 trillion in debt and cost Americans good-paying jobs.

Josh Mandel is already leading Sherrod Brown in the polls, but the Democrats are getting ready to pour millions of dollars into the state to protect their liberal champion.

Please support Josh Mandel today.

SCF has now raised and transferred over $200,000 to the Mandel for the Senate campaign, but we must raise a lot more to help him win. We can do it with your support.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom and for doing so much to elect principled conservatives to the U.S. Senate.