Repeal First

Your efforts to repeal Obamacare are beginning to show results. Following the failure of Mitch McConnell’s plan to keep Obamacare, President Trump has called on Senate Republicans to repeal Obamacare FIRST and then work on other reforms later.

This is exactly right.

Republicans should pass full repeal NOW with 50 votes using budget reconciliation and then work on reforms that will do even more to increase competition and lower costs.

This “Repeal First” approach allows Republicans to keep their promise to the voters without allowing insurance company bailouts and other liberal provisions to kill the effort.

It’s a much better fallback strategy than what Mitch McConnell is proposing, which is to give up on repeal and work with Chuck Schumer. That, of course, will leave Obamacare in place and move us closer to a single payer, government-run system.

Thank you for fighting for conservative policies and helping to elect more leaders who will keep their promises and actually fight for our principles and values.