Chamber of Cronyism Strikes Again

Judge Roy Moore, the conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama’s special election, is on the verge of defeating the GOP establishment’s political machine.

Recent polls show him leading by double digits despite being massively outspent and despite his call for replacing Senator Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader.

The GOP establishment is so terrified of losing this race that they have called upon the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help them defeat the insurgent conservative.

You see, Judge Roy Moore has a backbone of steel and won’t be swayed by Washington interests!

When the ACLU tried to force him to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom, he refused and was ultimately removed for standing his ground.

Judge Moore’s resolve terrifies those in Washington whose power is based on bending politicians to their will. The last thing the “Chamber of Cronyism” wants is a true conservative in the Senate fighting to stop their liberal policies.

Please help Judge Roy Moore win this critical race by making a contribution to his Senate campaign.

Moore leads in the polls, but he is getting hit with over $4 million in attack ads. Make no mistake, he will lose this race if he doesn’t have the funds to fight back.

We will pay all of the processing costs and transfer 100% of your donation directly to his campaign so he can spend it fighting these attacks and turning out his voters.

Click here to see how much we have raised for Roy Moore’s campaign and then help us reach our goal.

The U.S. Chamber has a long history of supporting liberal policies like the Wall Street bailout, massive omnibus spending bills, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and Obamacare.

If we want to drain the swamp and take our country back, the grassroots must rise up and defeat these interests.

Please send Washington a message by donating $25, $50, $100, or more to Roy Moore’s campaign.

Judge Moore supports President Trump and will fight to secure our borders, fully repeal Obamacare, cut taxes, and stop the spending, bailouts, and debt that are destroying our country.

The primary election runoff between Moore and his pro-establishment opponent is Tuesday, September 26th so there is no time to waste.

Help us push this courageous conservative on to victory!

Thank you for considering this request and thank you for standing strong for the principles of freedom that make America great.