Judge Roy Moore Wins

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Yesterday, conservative Judge Roy Moore was declared the official winner of the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Alabama’s special election.

This is a major victory for the grassroots and a devastating defeat for Senator Mitch McConnell and the Washington establishment.

I want to thank every SCF supporter in Alabama and across the country who made this possible. Without your prayers and contributions, Mitch McConnell and his political machine would have crushed another conservative and there would be no accountability.

It is truly an honor to be able to fight by your side for the future of this great country. Together, we accomplished something today that has sent a very loud message to Washington.

It’s clear that Mitch McConnell’s failed leadership is the reason why Luther Strange lost this race. McConnell’s association with Strange proved to be so toxic that not even $10 million and the president’s endorsement could save him.

Perhaps now Senate Republicans will see how McConnell is giving them a bad name, and finally replace him with someone who respects the grassroots and will fight for conservative policies.


This race is not over. Judge Roy Moore will now face liberal Democrat Doug Jones in the general election on December 12.

Doug Jones supports Obamacare, amnesty, taxpayer-funded abortion, federally-controlled education, and the job-killing climate regulations. Rather than solving our nation’s problems, he will make them worse.

Please help Roy Moore defeat Doug Jones by making a contribution to the Moore for Senate campaign.

Normally a race like this in Alabama would be over before it started, but we know that Mitch McConnell and the DC establishment will be rooting for Moore to lose. Not only will they refuse to spend the kind of money to help him that they would for one of their RINO candidates, but they will also use every opportunity to criticize him in the press.

Mitch McConnell would rather have another Democrat in the Senate than a conservative who will stand up to him.

We have seen this many times before. McConnell told his colleagues to drop Donald Trump “like a hot rock” last year when he was running against Hillary Clinton. And who can forget McConnell abandoning Darryl Glenn in the Colorado Senate race last year?

We can’t count on the DC establishment to support Roy Moore. We will have to push him on to victory ourselves.

Please make an urgent contribution to Judge Roy Moore’s U.S. Senate campaign right now.

You can give $25, $50, $100, or any amount up to $2,700.

Thank you for doing so much to promote conservative leadership in Washington. Together, we will build a conservative Senate and help secure America’s future.