GOP Establishment Abandons Roy Moore

Monday, October 23, 2017

Despite saying for years that all they want to do is elect more Republicans, the GOP establishment in Washington has decided to stay out of the Alabama Senate race.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s super PAC and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have announced that they have no plans to spend money helping Judge Roy Moore defeat his Democrat opponent.

And this decision comes after they spent millions attacking him!

It’s further proof that they don’t care about electing a Republican majority to the Senate; they only care about electing more pro-establishment candidates who support Mitch McConnell.

The Alabama Senate race is far from over and Judge Roy Moore needs our help to win it.

Recent polls have shown Moore with a single-digit lead, but he’s not getting support from party leaders and his opponent is on TV all by himself. If we don’t take action to help him get his message out, he could lose this race.

Please make a contribution to Roy Moore’s campaign and to the Senate Conservatives Fund today.

Your support will help Roy Moore defeat Doug Jones, an ultra-liberal Democrat who supports Obamacare, amnesty for illegal immigrants, federally-controlled education, job-killing regulations, and taxpayer funding for abortion up until birth.

Please help us by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more today. This is a race conservatives must win.

Thank you for doing so much to support conservative leadership in Washington. Together, we will drain the swamp!