Two Important Policy Victories

We had two important policy victories this week and I wanted to thank our supporters for helping to make them happen.

First, the tax reform bill passed the House and the Senate despite strong opposition from the Democrats. This was a major victory. Also, the proposed “trigger” to automatically increase taxes was rejected and income tax rates for individuals ended up being lower than the original Senate bill, which means fewer Americans in high tax states will see a net tax increase as a result. Our members put pressure on key Senate Republicans to fix these items and it worked.

Second, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) gave up yesterday on his plan to attach a bailout for health insurance companies to the government funding bill this year. Instead, he plans to pass another short-term funding measure that will expire in January. Stopping the Obamacare bailout this year is a temporary victory, but it’s an important one nonetheless and it’s a direct result of your efforts.

Thank you for everything you do to fight for conservative principles. It’s an honor to work with you in the fight for America’s future.