Joe Manchin Runs from His Record

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is desperately trying to change his position on several key issues to trick voters into thinking that he shares their conservative values.

After saying “I’m not for building a wall. I’m not for building a wall at all,” he now says he supports it.

Likewise, after endorsing Hillary Clinton and voting for her in the past election, he now claims it was a mistake.

Yes, it was a mistake but no, he doesn’t really believe that. He’s only saying these things because he’s at risk of losing in November because he is out of step with the voters in his state.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

This is the same Joe Manchin who campaigned in favor of 2nd Amendment gun rights, but then supported new gun control laws.

And it’s the same Joe Manchin who promised to repeal “the bad parts” of Obamacare, but then voted against even the skinniest repeal.

Joe Manchin is a liberal Democrat and we cannot allow him to fool voters in West Virginia into giving him six more years in the U.S. Senate to support even more liberal policies.

Please help defeat him by donating to SCF so we can expose his record and by donating directly to his Republican opponent, State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R-WV).

Manchin‘s lies are beginning to work again. A recent Monmouth University poll (June 14-19) found Manchin leading Morrisey 49%-42%. Manchin is under 50%, which is good, but he’s leading in a state that President Trump won by a wide margin.

We simply cannot let this double-talking politician pull the wool over the eyes of the voters again. He must be exposed and Patrick Morrisey must have the resources to get his message out.

So please take action right now to support SCF and Morrisey in this critical battleground race for the U.S. Senate.

Thank you for your generous support and for doing so much to fight for conservative leadership in Washington.