The Fraud in West Virginia

Thursday, September 13, 2018

We’re used to politicians lying to us, but Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has taken dishonesty to a new level.

In 2010, Manchin ran a TV ad where he used a rifle to shoot a copy of the Senate’s cap and trade bill. He wanted the voters to believe he was pro-gun and pro-coal.

But then he went to Washington and broke his promises.

Manchin tried to pass gun control legislation and supported Hillary Clinton for president, despite her support for cap and trade regulations and her vow to “put a lot of coal miners out of business.”

Now Manchin has reprised his 2010 ad with another one designed to make him look pro-gun. It’s a flat-out lie. Not only did Manchin earn a “D” grade from the NRA, but the NRA has endorsed his Republican opponent, State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

The ad also says Manchin will fight for better health care for his constituents, but he broke his promise to repeal the “worst parts” of Obamacare and voted against even the skinniest repeal.

Please help us defeat Joe Manchin by making a contribution to Patrick Morrisey’s campaign.

Joe Manchin is misleading the voters in West Virginia and he’s hurting all Americans with his liberal policies. It’s time to expose his lies and stop him from getting six more years in the Senate.

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