Big Test for Kevin McCarthy

Friday, November 16, 2018

House Republicans elected Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as their new leader yesterday, choosing someone who has been a member of the previous two failed leadership teams.

While Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) was defeated, over twenty percent of the conference voted against McCarthy.

That means there is no way McCarthy would have been able to get enough Republicans to give him the 218 votes needed to be elected Speaker had Republicans kept the majority.

If Republicans retake control of the House and Kevin McCarthy wants to be Speaker, he will have to convince a solid block of conservatives that he deserves the position.

There’s no better place for McCarthy to start earning the support of conservatives than building the border wall.

Despite failing to fund the border wall countless times over the past two years since President Trump was elected, Kevin McCarthy sponsored legislation before the election that would provide $25 billion to fully fund the construction of the border wall.

Moreover, his allies bought national radio ads before the election praising McCarthy for his “leadership” on the issue, a clear attempt to build public support for McCarthy’s campaign for Leader.

There is no question: Kevin McCarthy promised to fully fund the border wall. NOW is the time to do it. Not next year when the Democrats control the House. Right now.

This is Kevin McCarthy’s first test and we stand ready to support him in this effort, but he has to truly fight for it. He will have to stand up to Senator Mitch McConnell when the Senate leader makes excuses about how he doesn’t have 60 votes for it.

We know he promised to fight for this before the election, but will he do it after┬áthe election? That’s the question. Time will tell.

Thank you for supporting Jim Jordan for Leader and for standing with other conservatives in the fight for America’s future.