El Chapo Act

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Senate is set to reject President Trump’s emergency declaration to construct the border security wall this week because several Republican senators have decided to oppose the declaration on grounds that it is an abuse of executive authority.

The media will call this as an embarrassing defeat for the president, but it’s actually an embarrassing surrender by Senate Republicans.

It’s worth noting that current law allows for President Trump to make this declaration and there is no constitutional problem with his action. Also, many of these same Republican senators did nothing to stop President Obama from using his pen and phone to legislate executive amnesty – something the law didn’t allow.

Many Republicans were willing to allow President Obama to unlawfully enact executive amnesty, but they’re unwilling to allow President Trump to legally secure our border.

One final note on the Senate Republicans. If you ever wondered why their leadership never pressed the Democrats with multiple votes to fund the border wall, now you know. It’s because several Republicans don’t support the wall and didn’t want to vote on it.


As Senate Republicans embarrass themselves this week by siding with the Democrats against the security of the American people, it’s time to demand that they find a legislative solution.

Please use our advocacy platform to urge your senators and representative to co-sponsor the El Chapo Act.

This bill requires the billions in forfeited profits of the notorious drug smuggler, El Chapo, to be reserved for border security measures, including the completion of a wall.

Additionally, the legislation requires the forfeited funds from the felony conviction of a member of a drug cartel to be reserved for border security measures between the United States and Mexico.

It’s time to force the smugglers themselves to fund shutting down the flow of drugs across the border!

Send an instant message to your representatives now.

If lawmakers in Washington don’t want the president to solve the problem administratively, then they need to find a legislative solution. The El Chapo Act gives them one excellent funding source to move toward the goal of a secure border.

No more excuses. Tell Congress to pass the El Chapo Act.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help us fight for conservative policies in Washington.