URGENT: Oppose the Equality Act

Monday, May 13, 2019

Have you heard about H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act” that the House will vote on this week?

It’s a bad bill that would undermine women’s rights, parental rights, religious rights, and actually hurt kids suffering from gender confusion.

Here are a few ways the Equality Act would affect our country:

  • Parents would lose the right to decide the best medical care for their child struggling with gender confusion and could lose custody of their children.
  • Children in elementary school would be taught pro-transgender curriculum.
  • Women and girls would be forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sleeping facilities with biological males who choose to identify as female.
  • Women competing in sports would be forced to compete alongside biological males who identify as female, which would limit collegiate scholarships for women.

Please help us sound the alarm on this terrible bill by contacting your representative today.

Tell them to oppose the so-called “Equality Act” when it comes up for a vote this week.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington are aggressively pushing their liberal social agenda, which threatens to do serious harm to our nation’s children.

Encouraging kids to reject their God-given biology may placate liberal interests, but it does nothing to help our children.

Please tell Congress to oppose the Equality Act.

We can’t allow the liberals to succeed. We must lock arms and stand up to these radical ideas.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to fight for conservative policies in Washington.