Arnold Mooney for Senate

Friday, May 31, 2019

We have found an outstanding candidate for conservatives to support for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

Businessman and State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-AL) is running for the Senate against incumbent Senator Doug Jones (D-AL), and the Senate Conservatives Fund is proud to endorse him.

Arnold Mooney has deep roots in Alabama and has a proven record of fighting for limited government and personal responsibility. He’s a strong supporter of President Trump and he will fight to cut spending, secure our borders, reduce taxes, give patients more control over their health care decisions, and protect human life.

“Too many people go to Washington and forget their principles. I want to be the same guy when I walk out that I was when I walked in,” Mooney said when announcing his campaign earlier this month. “I’m not a politician – I’m just a conservative with a backbone. I think that’s what Alabamians want.”

He’s right and we hope you will join us in supporting him by making a contribution to his campaign today.

There are other candidates seeking the Republican nomination, but they either have liberal, pro-establishment records or have no record at all, which makes them unreliable. Conservatives have been burned many times by candidates who say one thing when they’re campaigning, but then do another after the election.

We don’t have to guess with Arnold Mooney. He has a proven record that shows us exactly what he will do in the Senate. He will relentlessly fight for our principles and values.

Mooney has already earned the support of conservative leaders in Alabama like Congressman Mo Brooks who said, “He’s been an excellent legislator from the Shelby County area. He’s got the intellect to understand a lot of these threats that face our country. And in my judgment, he has the backbone to do the right thing in the face of tremendous pressure in Washington, D.C. to do the wrong thing.”

And Mooney is winning support from conservatives across the country like Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) who called him “a strong constitutional conservative and the best candidate to beat Doug Jones.”

Click here to support Arnold Mooney.

This race is perhaps the most important Senate race in the country because it gives us the best pick-up opportunity. 

Alabama is a deep red state and Senator Doug Jones has shown his liberal colors in the past year and a half, endorsing Joe Biden for President and voting against Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. He even voted against the effort to defund Planned Parenthood.

Doug Jones has next to no chance of winning if Republicans nominate a strong conservative candidate like Arnold Mooney.

Please help conservatives win this important U.S. Senate seat by making a contribution to Arnold Mooney’s campaign.

SCF will pay all processing costs and transfer 100% of your donation to Mooney’s campaign so he can spend all of it on voter contact.

Mooney has only one month before the 2nd quarter fundraising deadline. If he raises a substantial amount, it will attract more endorsements and more financial supporters. So if you give now, it will have a major multiplier effect later in the year.

Thank you for being part of the SCF team and for considering this urgent request.