Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I had a great conversation with John James (R-MI) prior to his speech at CPAC that I wanted to share with you.

John expressed his sincere appreciation for the support SCF has provided to his campaign. He remembers how we supported him in 2018 when many others did not, and how we were the first major group to back him in his 2020 campaign.

Thanks to your generous support, SCF has now raised $450,000 for John’s campaign!

This is a remarkable achievement, but we’re just getting started. We need to raise over $1 million to help push him on to victory.

Can you help us make that happen?

I will see John again next week and I would like to personally hand him a very large check from SCF supporters.

Please make a contribution to his campaign through SCF before midnight on Saturday, and we will bundle up all of the contributions and give him the money next week.

If you want to learn more about John James, please watch his inspiring CPAC speech.

John said…

“We must show them an America where the son of a slave can become a sharecropper, the son of a sharecropper can become a mason, the son of a mason can become a truck driver, and the son of that truck driver can stand before you here today on the brink of becoming Michigan’s first black U.S. Senator.”

He’s right. Let’s make it happen!

Thank you for doing so much to help us promote rising conservative stars like John James. We’re grateful for your support.