Dog Fight

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Liberal Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) just announced that he raised nearly $8 million in the 2nd quarter for his U.S. Senate campaign against conservative Senator Steve Daines (R-MT).

This race is going to be a real dog fight and we need conservatives in Montana and across the country to engage.

The Montana Senate race is ground zero for the battle for control of the Senate. If we lose in Montana, it’s all but certain that the Democrats will take over and advance their liberal agenda.

Please join us in supporting Senator Steve Daines today.

We can’t let him fall further behind his opponent. We must all work together to push him on to victory.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) personally recruited Bullock and said that Senator Daines is his number one target for defeat this year.

The contrast between Daines and Bullock could not be more clear.

Senator Daines spent 28 years in the private sector growing businesses, creating jobs, and delivering results. Governor Bullock spent his life as a lawyer and career politician.

If you haven’t supported the Daines campaign or if you can give again, please do so now.

Also, please support our other endorsed candidates. You can donate to multiple candidates with one simple online donations and SCF will transfer 100% of your contributions to the candidates’ campaigns.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help fight for America’s future.