Save the Supreme Court

Sunday, September 20, 2020

With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it is critical that President Trump nominate a conservative replacement and that Senate Republicans act quickly to confirm the nominee.

This should be done without delay or apology. This nomination is one of the primary reasons why Donald Trump was elected and why many Americans voted for a Republican majority in the Senate.

Tell the Senate to fill the vacancy now!

If the Democrats were in our position and controlled the White House and the Senate, there is no question that they would move forward to fill this vacancy at breakneck speed.

Senator Mitch McConnell has said President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote, but there’s no way to guarantee that will actually happen after the election. Senate Republicans could cave and rob us of the chance to move the court in the right direction.

Also, we can’t go into this election with a 4-4 deadlocked court when the Democrats are already planning to challenge it. That would create a constitutional crisis and tear our country further apart.

Please sign the national “Save the Court” petition and urge the Senate to quickly confirm a conservative nominee.

After you have signed the petition, you will be directed to a website where you can make a contribution to help elect conservatives to the U.S. Senate this year. This too is very important.

If the Democrats take control of the Senate, they will eliminate the filibuster and begin to pack the Supreme Court, the Circuit Courts, and the Districts Courts by creating new vacancies and then filling them with judicial activists. The only way to stop them is to win another Senate majority in November.

The stakes are high. Please take action right now!

Sign the “Save the Court” petition and make a contribution to help elect conservative candidates to the U.S. Senate.

Together, we will stop the socialists from undermining our institutions and destroying our great country.