The Elites Were Wrong Again

Friday, November 6, 2020

The liberal elites predicted a “blue wave” of Democrat victories up and down the ballot, but once again, they were wrong.

President Trump and conservatives who campaigned for hardworking Americans and against the destructive lockdowns outperformed expectations and even won historic support from minorities.

As a result, Republicans will expand their numbers in the House and have a good chance of retaining the Senate.

We want to thank all of our supporters for doing so much to help our conservative candidates this year. This would not have been possible without your votes, your donations, and your prayers.

Thanks to your efforts, all three of our endorsed House candidates – Chip Roy (TX-21), Scott Perry (PA-10), and Matt Rosendale (MT-At Large) – won their races. These are proven conservatives who push the House in the right direction and expand our farm team of highly-qualified candidates for future statewide races.

In the Senate, three of our endorsed candidates have been declared the winners – Steve Daines (MT), Joni Ernst (IA), and Cynthia Lummis (WY). Thank you for supporting them! Senators Daines and Ernst had to overcome a mountain of cash spent against them by their opponents and every dollar that we raised for them was crucial.

Our other two endorsed Senate candidates – David Perdue (GA) and John James (MI) – are still waiting for their elections to be finalized. John James is slightly behind the current vote while David Perdue is slightly ahead. But since Perdue is currently under 50 percent, his race may go to a January runoff.

We are deeply concerned about voting irregularities in several states, and we proudly stand with President Trump in the fight to stop election fraud and guarantee that every legal vote is counted.

We also stand with John James in Michigan who said, “there is enough credible evidence to warrant an investigation to ensure that elections were conducted in a transparent, legal, and fair manner.”

You can help fight for election integrity by making a contribution to President Trump’s campaign today.

We are sending the maximum contribution allowed to the president’s campaign, and we hope you will join us in supporting him now.

Your contribution will help the president assemble a tough legal team to fight tooth and nail to make sure conservative voters like you and me are not disenfranchised.

We will have more things for you to do on this front in the coming days, so please watch for future updates.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help fight for conservative leadership in Washington.