Real Border Security

Friday, April 2, 2021

Republicans in Washington are unified in speaking out against the Biden Administration’s border crisis.

They all know that it was created by several failed policies such as ending catch and release, halting deportations, stopping wall construction, and terminating the “remain in Mexico” policy.

But how many Republicans are actually willing to stop it?

Speaking out against bad policies is definitely a good thing and we applaud leaders like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for leading a delegation of Republicans to the southern border to help expose the problem.

But Americans want real results and that will ultimately require Republicans to engage in brinksmanship. Specifically, they will have to use the “must-pass” bills like government funding legislation to force the Democrats to change their policies.

As much as politicians like Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) want to avoid these confrontations, they’re the only way to win real policy victories and get real border security.

Republicans will be given a choice: vote to defund the border wall and all of President Trump’s border policies OR be blamed for a government shutdown. It’s a fight Republicans can win, but only if they have the courage of their convictions and don’t blink.

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