Stand Up to the New Racists

Thursday, May 20, 2021

You have probably heard about Critical Race Theory. It’s not just Political Correctness on steroids. It is the hateful, elitist scam that fuels the woke Left’s anti-American cancel culture. You’ve seen the stories:

❌CRT says white children start becoming racists at three months old!

❌Coca-Cola employees were forced to take a class telling them to “try to be less white”!

❌At one federal agency, all white, male employees were forced to write letters apologizing to women and people of color.

❌In San Diego, the school board declared that it was racist to expect minority students to hand in homework on time.

When these stories pop up, the first thought is, “That’s insane.” But Critical Race Theory is not crazy – it’s just racism.

It’s bigotry. Prejudice. Hate. And it’s on the march.

CRT racism has taken over American college campuses, elite corporations, and the mainstream media. But it won’t stop there. It’s coming for our local schools, our small businesses, our rights, our jobs, and our speech.

The good news is, deep down, Critical Race Theorists, like all bullies, are cowards. If Americans stand up to CRT racism, the New Racists will back down.

But we know Establishment Republicans won’t take up this fight. They are too afraid of the media and too beholden to corporate donors.

That’s why Senate Conservatives Fund only supports principled conservatives who fight.

Just talking about Critical Race Theory was not enough for Donald Trump – who banned CRT from federal training programs, and launched the 1776 Commission to promote patriotic education in American schools. And talk is not good enough for us.

As you know, SCF is the only organization in American politics exclusively committed to recruiting, vetting, and electing principled, conservative fighters to the U.S. Senate. We don’t care about a candidate’s Party – we care about their guts.

Today I want to tell you about three unflinching conservative Senate candidates we have endorsed to replace finger-to-the-wind RINOs.

✅In Alabama, Congressman Mo Brooks has our support and the support of conservatives around the country – from grassroots activists all the way to Donald Trump. Brooks is leading the fight against the New Racism in the House Representatives, with legislation to bar CRT from federally funded programs and schools.

✅In North Carolina, we have endorsed Congressman Ted Budd, a member of the House Freedom Caucus committed to the color-blind, equal opportunity America we all know and love. Budd has not only been working in the House to strip CRT from the federal budget. He’s been helping North Carolina legislators to do the same in his home state.

✅In Ohio, former Secretary of State and combat veteran Josh Mandel is the strongest, toughest conservative in a crowded Republican primary to replace moderate Republican Senator Rob Portman. Mandel is a rock-solid social, economic, MAGA conservative who has made Critical Race Theory – which he calls “a cancer” – a centerpiece of his campaign. He’s not backing down from the outrage mobs or the Big Tech censorship machine.

Brooks, Budd, and Mandel are exactly the kind of leaders we need to stand up to the racist bullies of CRT. They won’t shy from the truth, or the bigoted beltway insiders who try to hide it.

SCF supports them because they, like us and like you, stand against the racism, hatred, and lies of the Woke Left. We have their back because they have ours.

The Left is all in, and the established elites won’t give up their power willingly. To win in 2022, conservative Senate candidates have to fight both of them – but with SCF and your help, they will succeed.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help fight for America’s future.