Taliban, Illegals, and Criminals

Friday, August 27, 2021

Have you noticed this year that Democrats treat the Taliban, illegal immigrants, and violent criminals better than they treat American moms and dads?

Think about it:

  • Take over Afghanistan and behead innocent people in the streets of Kabul, and Joe Biden will bend over backward to work with you.
  • Pay a cartel-connected coyote to sneak you across our Southern border, and Chuck Schumer will welcome you in.
  • Loot, vandalize, and assault the citizens of an American city for months on end, and Nancy Pelosi will say it’s all the police’s fault.

But, if you ask for scientific evidence why your kids have to wear masks at school, or why their schools teach that men can give birth, then Democrats take out the big guns.

To them, America’s real problem isn’t terrorism, the border crisis, inflation, or the crime wave: it’s YOU.


They’re not satisfied with destroying our Constitution, our economy, and our reputation in the world. They’re coming for your kids now, too.

  • Harmful masking rules.
  • Critical Race Theory.
  • Big Tech peddling porn to children.
  • Trans students in girls’ bathrooms and sports.

Parents and grandparents – all Americans! – need to fight back for their kids and for the future of our country.

The Senate Conservatives Fund is the only organization exclusively committed to building a conservative Senate that Makes America Great Again. We exist for one reason: to knock liberals – establishment Republicans and leftist Democrats – out of Washington.

We only support principled, fighting conservatives. No socialists. No squishes. No private-jet environmentalists. No open-border elites. No anti-American propagandists. No gun-grabbing snowflakes.

We’re fighting for the country that generations of patriots before us built and that our children deserve.

Every dollar you contribute to SCF goes to support principled, fighting conservative candidates in the most important Senate races of this election cycle – conservative fighters like Josh Mandel (R-OH), Mo Brooks (R-AL), and Ted Budd (R-NC). They’re all pro-freedom, pro-America, and pro-Trump.

The Left is financially and morally bankrupting the country we want to leave to our kids. We can’t let them get away with it.

Please make your most generous contribution today!

The 2022 election isn’t next fall or even next year. It’s right now. SCF is actively vetting, recruiting, and helping the candidates who will change the Republican Party, Washington, and America.

No one else will lead this fight. No one else can win it.

Only us. Only you.

Please support SCF today and help us build a conservative Senate that will truly fight for America’s future!

Thank you for considering this urgent request.