Earthquake In Virginia

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Last night, Virginians did their part to make America great again.

In a stunning upset in a Democrat stronghold, conservative businessman Glenn Youngkin CRUSHED lying, woke, millionaire leftist Terry McAuliffe in the most important election of 2021.

I’m writing so soon because Youngkin’s victory tells us two URGENT facts about American politics right now.

– First, the Democrats’ embrace of woke extremism – Critical Race Theory, Covid lockdowns and mandates, and in Virginia, their criminal coverup of trans sexual assault – is POISON to the American people.

– Second, Republicans are now poised to score HUGE WINS in the 2022 midterms.

That means the Republican Senate primary elections are the most important elections next year. And they will be decided in just a few months!

Help us push our group of courageous conservatives on to victory with a split contribution to their campaigns.

Virginia’s election results proved that establishment, corporate Republican candidates are OVER. To win next November – to give Joe Biden’s Democrats the defeat they deserve – we need principled, fighting conservatives on the ballot.

That’s why SCF only endorses leaders who aren’t afraid of the issues that really matter:

– Immigration
– Parent rights
– Election integrity
– Right to life
– Critical Race Theory

Beltway Republicans always let us down on these issues. We can’t allow corporate donors and insiders to hand-pick milquetoast stuffed-shirts to do their bidding.

If Republicans want to win big next year, we need MAGA leaders, not RINO lapdogs, to win the GOP primaries.

Please join us in supporting true, fighting conservative Senate candidates NOW!

Senate Conservatives Fund is 100% focused on winning key primary elections across the country. We have a slate of tremendous candidates – candidates you’ll love and Washington will hate. And we’ll be endorsing more soon.

But what we need right now is to send a message to all the GOP insiders telling themselves they won last night.

If grassroots conservatives flood SCF with contributions TODAY, the signal will be loud and clear: Virginia wasn’t just a loss for the Democrats, but rather it was a loss for the established elite in both parties who are destroying our country.

Send them a message they can’t ignore!

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to fight for conservative leadership in Washington. Thanks to your support, we are now positioned to make 2022 an earthquake election.