Empire Strikes Back

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Washington is all abuzz with news that the Republican Establishment plans to crush conservatives in the 2024 Senate campaigns.

You see, every time the Establishment loses an election because of their unwillingness to run on a bold agenda, they lock arms with their liberal allies in the media to blame the loss on bad conservative candidates. They never take responsibility for their failed leadership.

So now, right on cue, Mitch McConnell and his friends say they are tired of the people picking GOP nominees. They want to go back to when beltway elites were in charge – directing funds, bullying candidates, and telling Republican voters what to do.

The press likes it. Corporate executives love it!

Grassroots conservatives? Not so much. For two reasons:

1. We know better.
2. It’s our party, not theirs.

Republican elites think they’re geniuses. They look at the country’s state today and think they should have even more power.

I don’t know about you, but I look at our border crisis, broken economy, crime-ridden streets, outsourced jobs, opioid-drenched heartland, and $30 trillion national debt … and I think it’s time the so-called “experts” sat out a few plays.


Let’s not kid ourselves. All this “Empire Stakes Back” isn’t about winning elections. Mitch McConnell and his corporate pals aren’t really afraid of losing elections. They lose elections all the time, and nothing ever changes. They’re afraid of losing control – of the party, of the narrative, of the levers of Beltway power.

This is nothing new. The establishment empire has been striking back for decades, but it’s the American people who strike out as a result. That’s why principled, patriotic conservatives are fighting back.

We don’t want to reform the establishment — we want to replace it altogether.

That’s exactly why we have to fight – now, in 2024, and until the job is done. Senate Conservatives Fund was there at the beginning of this fight, and with your help, we will be there until the end.

We support only the BEST conservative Senate candidates every election cycle. We want only strong, fighting leaders who understand what we are fighting for and who we are fighting against.


With your help, we have sent reformers to the Senate for over a decade, including leaders like Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ted Budd, and Eric Schmitt.

With your help this year, we will fight back against the liberal Establishment and win.

Thank you for being part of our team and doing so much to help build a conservative Senate.