More Budget Cliffs

Our country’s national debt is now more than $20 trillion and the current Republican leadership in Washington doesn’t care.

Senator Mitch McConnell has offered no plan to cut spending and has no intention of ever doing so.

Even worse, he told the New York Times this week that he secretly added a provision to the recent spending and debt deal that created not just one but two budget cliffs before the 2018 elections.

This would not be a bad thing if Republicans were willing to use these deadlines as leverage to pass conservative policies just as the Democrats have done in the past to enact liberal policies.

But sadly Senator McConnell and other GOP leaders in Washington do not believe in our principles and certainly aren’t willing to fight for them when it matters.

In December, they will surrender to the Democrats and fund everything from Planned Parenthood to executive amnesty to Obamacare. And next year when the debt limit is reached again, they will increase the debt and possibly even include other liberals policies too.


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